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  • Single Catnip Cigar


Single Catnip Cigar



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Catnip: Cigar

7" long and fully loaded with YEOWWW! organically grown catnip.

The Effects of Catnip:

Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a member of the mint family of herbs. For centuries humans have grown catnip for humans, but the herb is best known for its action on cats. The chemical in catnip called nepetalactone is what cats respond to. However, not all cats react to catnip. Kittens will not show the behavior until they are at least 6-8 weeks old. About 80% of adult cats (including many kinds of wild cats!) react to this intoxicating herb. The catnip reaction is inherited, and some cats are totally unaffected by it, but when they do react YEOWWW!

If youve never seen a cat respond to catnip, youre in for quite a show. Licking, tumbling around, bunnykicking, rubbing, and lots of slobbering that typically lasts for 10-15 crazy, exciting minutes. After that the cat mellows out, resetting itself before it indulges in another irresistible encounter of catnip bliss.

Catnip is an extremely safe herb for cats AND for humans!