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  • Miss Violet Lace Renew Clay Mask
  • Miss Violet Lace Renew Clay Mask
  • Miss Violet Lace Renew Clay Mask

Miss Violet Lace

* Miss Violet Lace Renew Clay Mask

SKU #: mvlrwcm

SKU# mvlrwcm

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Miss Violet Lace Renew Clay Mask

A trio blend of earth clays infused with cocoa, designed to draw out impurities and calm oily and combination skin.

French green clay is a miracle clay for oily, combination and acne prone skin due to its astringent properties. It is the strongest of all earth clays, and is wonderful at removing impurities, toxins and excess oils as well as purifying and deeply cleansing skin.

Red Moroccan clay is another excellent clay for skin with excess oils, and may help reduce inflammation. The texture is naturally exfoliating and may help restore skin's elasticity, reduce redness and improve skin's tone.

Antioxidant-rich cocoa powder hydrates and cleanses, while lending a subtle, appealing aroma.

Mix a small amount of purified water, yogurt or milk with the mask in a separate dish until desired consistency is achieved. A creamy paste is easiest to apply, either with your fingers or with a foundation brush. Apply all over, rinse off after 10-15 minutes, pat dry.

Milk and yogurt may be preferred over water to mix with the mask, for extra dry and sensitive skin. (Coconut or almond milk are wonderful vegan friendly alternatives for mixing your mask with!)

*With the first several uses of this mask, it may draw impurities to the surface of skin as your skin detoxes. This is normal, and with repeated uses, your skin should clear of this. We recommend using bi-weekly at first, and working with a thinner consistency (less mask, more liquid) until your skin adjusts.

- 1 oz (our mask is lightweight, fills the 2 oz jar it is packaged in)
- Packaged in a glass jar

French green clay | Red Moroccan clay | Kaolin clay | Cocoa powder | Organic chocolate extract

For external use only | Keep out of reach of children and pets | Discontinue use if irritation occurs | Avoid contact with eyes