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Do you believe in chance encounters, in fate? Have you had a chance encounter that shook you to the core? If it hasn't happened to you, I'm sure you've seen it depicted in movies where a chance meeting totally changed a life ultimately, for the better. I am certain some of you are nodding in agreement while others are smiling as you recall when it happened to you. For the truly blessed among us, we will experience such an event. If you guessed that I am one of the lucky ones, you're right. My chance encounter knocked my world off its axis. That encounter carried me to this place, in this time in my life, and I have never been happier. Let me tell you my story and how my encounter relates to

Hello, I'm Sheri, owner of I was 36 years old when fate came calling and I found my soul mate. Meeting her was a momentous occasion that transformed my life. When I found my soulmate, I have to say that she wasn't at all what I imagined anytime the topic of soulmates emerged. I met my soulmate in the form of an 85-pound ball of fur whose name was Seven. Who would have known? My soulmate, Seven, was a dog. I assure you, Seven, is not just a dog, she is an angel, my angel, who was sent to steal my heart, rescue my soul and open my eyes to the beauty that is life.

As I reflect on my life before Seven entered my life, I realize that I was just going through the motions. I cannot explain exactly how all of the unrelated events came together as if arranged by the universal composer. However, there is one thing of which I am sure, that is, having Seven around me very quickly opened my eyes. In some way being with Seven made me profoundly aware of the plight of animals. Animals that were, let's say "less than loved" in the world. Seven made me keenly aware and made me become far more compassionate to the plight that many animals face. She somehow revealed to me without ever uttering a word, that people must be taught to treat animals compassionately, and that we humans must respect all life.  In doing so, we are literally asking the universe to hand us more love and more joy in our lives. One of the critically significant changes in my life since meeting Seven is my ability to understand my potential to make a difference and my unsatisfied drive to find a way to create real change. In other words, Seven made me realize my true calling and to share what she taught me with as many humans as I can.  Whether it be "adopt don't shop" or "buy ethically and humanely raised meats", I was put here to spread the word.

Ten years have passed since meeting my souls mate, that 85lb fur ball. Today, my heart and mind are rich with joyful memories of life with Seven. We were together for eight wonderful years that will be a part of me forever. is a reflection of my awakening. It is an exceptionally curated boutique full of beautiful things that I have hand picked from all over the planet. TheSEV provides a platform for me to share both my story and my love for beautiful things and my new understanding that surrounding ourselves in beauty is essential to our best lives. And yes, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  Your favorite whimsical pillow case, your most craved scented candle, a beautiful crystal necklace and yes of course, a dog.  Seven saved me and together we will save others. A portion of every sale on goes to animal welfare charities that are dear to our hearts. It's the only way I know to pay respect to Seven's memory and thank her for all that she taught me.  If you would like more information on the charities we support, please email us. 

We thank you.

Update to our story:...10/7/16...

Two days ago I received a "message" that Seven was on her way back to me.  I knew it was real.  Two days later a new dog showed up at my home by way of my boyfriend who found this beautiful creature at a grocery store in a small town in Idaho.  She came by way of a "man in a grocery store holding a sign that said 'Free Dog to Good Home'".  You would not believe the rest of the story if I told you so I will leave it it that.  My Seven found her way back to me just 2.5 years after she left to rest.  I got exactly what I asked for.  Profoundly greatful does not begin to tell you about my feelings about this beautiful gift from God.  We call them to us with our love for them...sometimes more than once.  They are gifts, treat them as such.



and how she looks today......